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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q1

Semi-rugged Toughpad

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Processor, Base configuration

New Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q1 is expected in March 2016. It will be the most affordable rugged tablet from Panasonic with MSRP of $1299 for a base model with Intel Celeron N2807 processor, 4GB RAM, 12.5" LCD and 64GB flash drive.

Like with FZ-M1 Panasonic offers Celeron model to bring the price down. Performance model is available with Intel Core i5-4302Y 1.60GHz and 8GB RAM as standard.

  • Celeron N2807 1.58GHz, up to 2.16GHz, 1MB Cache
  • Core i5-4302Y with Intel Turbo Boost up to 2.3Ghz, 3MB Cache

Design, Build Quality

Unlike FZ-M1 or FZ-G1 the Q1 like is dubbed as "semi-rugged" MIL-STD-810G design. This means it is not a military grade tablet. It is rated IP5x, has magnesium alloy chassis and optional SSD heater. The SSD heater means that FZ-Q1 can be operated in a broad range of temperatures. Fanless design is a big plus for dusty environments. It also means quiet operation.

The IP5x means Dust Protected - Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.

FZ-Q1 Box content

Display, Touchscreen

The display is high resolution 1920x1080 with 12.5" diagonal. It's is slightly bigger than gorgeous IPS display in FZ-G1. Unfortunately the maximum brightness is only 350 bit (versus 800 nit in FZ-G1). Anti-reflective coating should help with outdoors readability.

10-point capacitive multi-touch can be used with finger or stylus pen (included) for better accuracy. Very similar to FZ-M1.

Video is handled by Intel HD graphics while Core i5 Performance model is equipped with Intel HD 4200.


The Performance FZ-Q1 model can be configured with 4G LTE Multi Carrier modem (EM7355). The EM7355 is also being used in FZ-G1 and FZ-M1. Nothing new here. The price of the 4G LTE modem is $199. Model # FZ-Q1C200AAM.


The Standard model comes with only 64GB eMMC, like FZ-M1 with Celeron. It can be upgraded to 128GB Samsung SSD drive for an extra $150. The 256GB SSD option for FZ-Q1 Performance is $299.


The following options available for Performance model.

  • Insertable Smartcard ($179)
  • Contactless Smartcard/RFID HF ($179)
  • Insertable + Contactless SmartCard/NFC ($359)
        Standard ports on all configurations: headphone jack, docking connector, microSD slot and 1 USB 3.0 port.

    Another difference between Standard and Performance models is resolution of the rear camera: 5MP and 8MP. We will post sample pictures soon.

    Battery Life

    The 4740mAh battery is not user replaceable. Panasonic promises up to 9 hours of operating time. We expect it to be slightly different for Celeron and Core i5 models. Complete charge can be done in 2.5 hours using CF-AA6373AM AC adapter. The AC adapter was introduced in 2012 and is being used for FZ-G1, CF-19 MK3-MK4 and FZ-M1.


    The list of accessories is quite short. Dock station FZ-VEBQ11U for simultaneous display output. Capacitive stylus pen FZ-VNPQ11U and tether. Rotating hand strap FZ-VSTQ11U is optional. Panasonic made detachable keyboard with backlit keys FZ-VKBQ11LM. The 12.5" LCD protective film has unique size and not inter-compatible with CF-C2 or FZ-G1.

  • FZ-Q1A154XBM

FZ-q1 keyboard FZ-Q1 Keyboard $299
FZ-q1 hand strap Hand Strap for FZ-Q1 $49
FZ-Q1 stylus Stylus for FZ-Q1 $29

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