Panasonic Toughbook CF-20

Fully Rugged Detachable Toughbook

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The new Tougbook CF-20 replaces a long line of successful CF-18 and CF-19. There were 5 generations of CF-18 and 8 generations of CF-19 dating back to 2002. Over 13 years CF-18 and CF-19 shared same convertible tablet design and vehicle dock compatibility. The Toughbook CF-20 abandoned evolutionary steps and was designed from the ground up.

ikey detachable keyboard for G1CF-20 detached

It is a hybrid detachable Toughbook based on 3 years of Panasonic's experience with popular Toughpad FZ-G1. The FZ-G1 can be used with a third party iKey keyboard that provides the best of both worlds: full laptop functionality in docked mode and portability in detached mode. The iKey rubber keyboard, however, has some limitations: only 1 USB port, bulky and no option for a regular easy to type keyboard.

CF-20 in various configurations


How is CF-20 different from CF-19 and FZ-G1?

  1. New low power 6th gen Core m5-6Y57 1.1GHz dual core processor with Turbo boost up to 2.8GHz. At maximum power it consumes only 4.5W vs 15W Core i5-5300U in FZ-G1 Mk3.
  2. Fanless design thanks to low TDP processor.
  3. More powerful graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 515
  4. Next generation 10.1" outdoor IPS display similar to FZ-G1: 1920x1200 up to 800nit. It's a major resolution upgrade compared to CF-19 mk8 which had XGA resolution (1024x768). The maximum brightness, however, is going down from 1200nit to 800 nit, same as in FZ-G1. Nothing to worry about since FZ-G1's LCD proved to be great for outdoor usage with vivid colors, almost 180 degree viewing angle and anti reflective coating.
  5. Much lighter than CF-19. The CF-20 with keyboard weights only 3.9lb versus 5.6lb of CF-19.
  6. Two battery option. One battery is included by default and normally is installed in tablet portion of Toughbook 20. The battery is lightweight at only 0.25lb and provides power up to 7 hours according to MobileMark 2007. It's possible to add a 2nd battery to keyboard dock to double the operating time (14 hours). Panasonic claims double battery setup is good enough for a full shift (8 hours) in a real world environment. Our favorite part is that 2nd battery is the same as main battery. It means 1 SKU, less confusion and ability to use keyboard dock as a charger when CF-20 is used in a tablet mode. Optional hot swap battery provides power for 1 minute and allows uninterrupted operation in detached mode.
  7. Less bulky than CF-19. The CF-20 is only 1.3" thick vs. 1.93". Less heavy than FZ-G1 with iKey keyboard: 3.9lb vs 5lb.

CF-20 Options

  • Dedicated GPS $400
  • 2nd USB (on Tablet) $130
  • Finger Print Reader $130
  • 4G LTE $250

Panasonic Tougbook 20 Models

CF-20A0012KM with GPS Receiver $3,899
Windows 7 Professional (with Win 10 Pro COA), Intel Core m5‑6Y57 1.1GHz, 10.1" WUXGA Gloved Multi Touch, 128GB Solid State Drive, 8GB, Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Receiver, Dual Pass (Ch1:WWAN/Ch2:GPS), Webcam, TPM 1.2, Backlit Emissive Keyboard