Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

Fully rugged Toughpad with Windows 7 or 10 Professional

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All Toughpads listed on this page are brand new.

The FZ-G1 ships with Windows 7 preinstalled by default. It can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro at no extra cost before shipping. It can also be changed by end user at any time by creating recovery DVDs and reinstalling the operating system. Email us if you need detailed instructions.

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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 Accessories

Part Number Description Price, USD
CF-AA6413AM Panasonic Spare AC Adapter for FZ-G1 $75
CF-AA5713AM Panasonic Spare AC Adapter for FZ-G1 $85
CF-LNDDC80 Lind Car Charger (12-36V, 80W) for FZ-G1 $125
FZ-LND3BAYG1 LIND 3 Bay Battery Charger for FZ-G1. Includes 110W AC Adapter. $575
FZ-BNDLG1BATCHRG Battery Charger (CF-VCBTB3W and Adapter for FZ-G1 Battery) for FZ-G1 $195
FZ-VZSU84U Panasonic Standard Battery Pack (6-Cell) for FZ-G1 $165
FZ-VZSU88U Panasonic Long Life Battery Pack (9-Cell) for FZ-G1 $175
FZ-VEBG11U Panasonic Desktop Cradle for FZ-G1 $295
CF-H-PAN-702-2-P Havis Vehicle Dock with RF pass through and power adapter for FZ-G1 $795
FZ-VNPG11U Panasonic Digitizer Pen for FZ-G1 $40
FZ-VNTG11U Panasonic Tether for FZ-G1 $20
FZ-VPFG11U Panasonic LCD Protective Film for FZ-G1 $75
FZ-WSTG111 Panasonic Rotating Hands Trap with Tall Corner Guards $125
TBCG1XSTP-P Infocase Toughmate X-Strap for FZ-G1 $70
IK-PAN-FZG1-NB-C1 iKey Rugged Keyboard for FZ-G1 $395
FZ-WCGG111 Tall Corner Guards (for optional smartcard reader, long life battery and/or rotating hand strap) for FZ-G1. Set of 4. $35
TBCG1PFLIO-BLK Infocase Toughmate Holster for FZ-G1 $75
TBCG1AONL-P Infocase Toughmate Always-On Case for FZ-G1 $100


Optional FZ-WSTG111 accessory: Rotating hand strap with tall corner guards.



FZ-G1 MK2 Specs (PDF)


 Optional Barcode Readers EA11 and EA21.

G1 LED barcode

G1 laser barcode reader

E11 and EA21 2D Bar readers




Popular FZ-G1 Configurations

  • FZ-G1P2636VM with 4G LTE EM7355 modem
  • FZ-G1P2117VM with 2nd USB
  • FZ-G1P2118VM with Rotating Hand Strap
  • FZ-G1P6375VM with 4G LTE modem and LAN Port
  • FZ-G1P2113VM with 2D Barcode Reader (EA21)


FZ-G1FA3CXBM MK2 with MicroSD
MSRP $2,800 Windows 8.1 Pro (64‑bit), Intel Core i5‑4310U 2.0GHz, 10.1" WUXGA Gloved Multi Touch + Digitizer LCD, 128GB Solid State Drive, 8GB, Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth, Dual Pass (Upper WWAN / Lower GPS), MicroSD, Camera, Webcam, TPM 1.2, Toughbook Preferred UPC: 885170213944